Swamp White Oak Fact Sheet

Family:  Fagaceae - Beech family
Latin name:  Quercus bicolor
Common name:  Swamp white oak

Quercus bicolor winter habit Quercus bicolor early spring habit Quercus bicolor spring habit Quercus bicolor summer habit Quercus bicolor catkins emerging Quercus bicolor leaves and flowers emerging Quercus bicolor leaves and flowers emerging Quercus bicolor catkins beginning to expand Quercus bicolor catkins in later stage Quercus bicolor leaves on ground in winter Quercus bicolor leaves shape and color, sun shining through Quercus bicolor leaves rounded teeth Quercus bicolor acorns on long, thin peduncle in midsummer Quercus bicolor acorns cap covering more than half of fruit late summer Quercus bicolor acorns cap covering less than half of fruit early fall Quercus bicolor picture of bark on trunk of tree Quercus bicolor branch with peeling bark in winter

Identification features:

Notes about photos


Additional photos and drawings (from USDA)


There are 135 tagged Swamp white oak trees listed in the Morton Arboretum Data Base.

Many of the pictures on this page are of a tree that is located in the "Central Area" of Morton Arboretum in the Midwest collection, it is just a few feet from Parking 2.  

Morton Arboretum accession tag 463-84*4.

Arboretum grid location N-58/22-22

GPS location 41.81484, -088.06678

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8

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