Pagoda Dogwood Fact Sheet

Family:  Cornaceae - Dogwood family
Latin name:  Cornus alternifolia
Common name:  Pagoda dogwood, alternate-leaved dogwood
Pagoda dogwood winter habit Pagoda dogwood summer habit Pagoda dogwood winter bud Pagoda dogwood winter twig Photo of leaf of Pagoda dogwood, showing parallel veins. Photo of leaf of Pagoda dogwood, showing parallel veins. Pagoda dogwood flowersPagoda dogwood fruit pagoda_dogwood-005 Pagoda dogwood fruit in August Pagoda dogwood fall colors Pagoda dogwood fall leaves Pagoda dogwood alternate branching.

The Pagoda dogwood gets its name from the horizontal branching that makes it look like a pagoda (I think that this may take some imagination. ) Photos above show the winter and summer habit. The scientific name, Cornus alternifolia refers to the fact that the branching pattern is alternate, while most dogwoods have opposite branching.
Winter bud and stem of Cornus alternifolia.
Leaves of Pagoda dogwood. Photo shows the typical "parallel veins" of a dogwood. Leaves are simple and alternate.
Fruit and leaves of Pagoda dogwood. The fruit is a drupe that is green during the summer. When the fruit ripens in August it is blue-black with red pedicels. The picture showing fall fruit was taken on August 20, 2008. There were only a few drupes remaining on the tree at that point.

Pagoda dogwood
Cornus alternifolia - Pagoda dogwood

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