Sugarberry Fact Sheet

Family:  Cannabaceae - Hemp family
(previously listed as member of Ulmaceae Elm Family)
Latin name:  Celtis laevigata
Common name:  Sugarberry
Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry winter photo of trunk, warty bark and acession tag Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry photo of small tree in winter in Midwest section of Morton Arboretum Celtis lavaegata - Photo of fruits remaining on Sugarberry tree during winter Celtis lavaegata - Photo of fruit hanging in a row on Sugarberry tree in winter Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry photo of bunds in place alternating on twigs and branches against a gray winter sky Celtis lavaegata - Sugarberry tree, photo shows alternate pattern of buds along a twig.
Celtis laevigata, commonly called Sugarberry is a member of the Elm family. It is closely related to the Hackberry. The main feature of the Sugarberry is its bumpy or "warty" bark.
The tree in the middle of the photo is the sugarberry. It's located in the "Illinois" section of Morton Arboretum.

Although the third photo doesn't show the typical habit of a Sugarberry, it is pretty cool looking so I decided to include grand old tree.
The fruit of Celtis laevigata are "drupes" about 5 to 8 mm in diameter. They have a thick skin and range in color from orange to reddish-brown and are attached by 6 to 15 mm long pedicels. Fruits may persist through the winter.
The buds are alternate giving the branches a zig-zag appearance.

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